Our History

Anglican Girl's Grammar School Awkunanaw, Enugu was founded in the year 1962

The Beginning...

Anglican Girl's Grammar School Awkunanaw, Enugu was founded in the year 1962 and started on the 15th March with twenty-nine students. later two more students arrived to make a total of thirty one students. The pioneer Principal is Miss J.O. Emelumadu (now Mrs. Muo). Three non-tutorial staff were part of the foundation workers. they are namely: Beatrice Aloanza (cook), Onam Nnji and Nweke Ede (Watchmen). The structures available at the time of commencement were one classroom block, one dormitory block and the Principal's House which also accommodated our tutorial staff for the first year. 

At that time the school was out of the town. There was neither electricity nor water to make life comfortable. They trekked to Christ church for Sunday service. They used the little spring water in the valley behind the present staff blocks. Over there they built tank, fitted it with taps and they were quite happy with the system. Unfortunately that little valley had turned to a place where bad boys always stay and the students are not allowed to fetch water it any longer. Rather the lorry tanker supplies water to the school. The problem of scarcity of water in the school is still lingering.

Looking back...

Looking back to 50 years ago one could notice that there had been a lot of changes, given that many principals had managed this school.

1961 - 1972: Miss J.O Emelumadu

1972 - 1973: Miss E.J Ekpunobi

1973 - 1974: Mrs. M. David Osuagwu

1974 - 1978: Mrs. F.O Egbosimba

1978 - 1981: Mrs G.N Nwogwugwu

1981 - 1989: Mrs P.U.N Onyia

1989 - 1991: Mrs. A.U. Obi

1991 - 1991: Mrs V.I Uzodike

1991 - 1996: Mrs. P.J Nwozor

1996 - 1999: Mrs G.I. Iloelunachi

1999 - 2005: Dr. (Mrs) Abah C.N

2006 - 2007: Dr.(Mrs) Abah C.N (Senior Secondary)

2006 - 2008: Dr Mrs. J.N Chukwuma (Junior Secondary)

2008 - 2009: Mrs F.B. Eze (Senior Secondary)

2008 - 2010: Dr (Mrs) J.N Chukwuma

2010 - 2011: Dr. (Mrs) J.N Chukwuma

The school has had twelve principal, each either erecting new structure or renovating old ones. Later the school's name was changed from Girl High School to Girl's Grammar School, Awkunanaw, Enugu. Within these years the student excelled in sports, academics and spirituality both internally and externally. Mrs Christy N. Abah continued to be the principal of senior secondary school. During this period the teacher were divided into two groups- junior and senior secondary school sharing the same compound. Then, Ven. M. P Eze (now known as Ven. Moses Ifeanyi-Eze) was the chairman of the school management Board.

Later in 2008 Mrs Abah was transferred to Udi and Mrs. Franka Eze came on transfer to Girls Grammar School, Awkunanaw to take over from her in senior secondary. Mrs. Franka Eze was later transferred on 21st October 2009 following the articulation of the secondary schools in Enugu State. Following this articulation of junior and senior secondary schools therefore, Dr Mrs joyce N. Chukwuma became the principal of girl`s grammar school. She retired officially on July 31st 2010 from the civil service after 35 years of her service with the Enugu State Government. Dr. Mrs. Joyce Chukwuma was appointed again by the education board of the Anglican diocese of Enugu as Mission principal of Anglican Girl's Grammar School, Awkunanaw. The name of the school was completely changed back to Anglican Girl's Grammar School when the school was handed over to the owner in 2009.

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